Bespoke Tailoring in Bangkok

Bespoke Process

The service begins with an initial consultation with our British Tailors.

Customers are introduced to a wide range of English and Italian cloths to choose from based on their personal style preferences. We will then progress the requirements through discussion over their personally tailored suit. Our British tailor consultant will personally manage commission from start to finish.

The next phase is for the customer to select a garment’s style and cloth from our hundreds of fabrics available. Next, a variety of measurement are taken across the customer’s entire body to ensure a superb fit. If the customer has a personal preference; ie extra inside pockets in the jacket or a slightly more streamlined or closer cut garment or indeed the opposite – Our British tailor will take this into account and the designs adjusted.

The customer can now experience the perfect suit he has commissioned to choose for. A final private tailoring consultation will serve to make further adjustments as required to ensure that the suit doesn’t leave Park Lane British suit designers until absolutely perfect.

Cloth Cutting

1. The paper pattern is laid out on the cloth and chalked around. The cloth is then cut by hand, leaving extra cloth at the inlays to allow the suit to be altered at a future date if the client’s gain or loose weight.

2. After the cloth has been cut you will be asked to make appointment with us for a first fitting. The suit will be 50% finished.

3. The second fitting the suit is giving the suit its exceptional fit and comfort. The suit is checked for break over shoe, seat of trouser, drape, neck point and cuffs but if there is any minor adjustments they will be done ASAP.

4. After final alteration have been made, advice is given to the customer on how best to care for the suit and maintain its shape.

Each suit is numbered and logged.

If in the future within a 3 year period there needs to be made adjustments to your suit if you have gained or lost weight our service is free of charge.