Who we are

Park Lane Store is a high-end service of tailored clothing products under the name of Park Lane Store. For 30 years we have been aligning ourselves this way.

We are now bringing you a revolutionized way for men to dress in the 21st century and believe it is the best way to deliver custom clothing and bespoke manufacturing at reasonable prices.

Being under British ownership we operate one factory based in Bangkok, Thailand with a simple sizing procedure. The obvious next step is to offer our product globally through an online store.

We believe that every customers who purchase a tailored garment from Park Lane Store deserves a perfect in fit and finish.

Here at Park Lane Store we like to keep things simple and hassle free. Instead of sitting you down, fussing over you and then over charging you, we let you help yourself and bring you a quality product at a reasonable cost of our competitor prices.

Good quality things do not come cheap.

You are what you wear.